Jonathan Verrecchia

Jonathan Verrecchia, Front-End Engineer

Also author, technical blogger, and speaker – primarily focused on:

HTML Semantics, reusable components, SEO, Schema
CSS CSS3, OOCSS, preprocessors (Sass / Compass)
JS Object-Oriented, RequireJS, jQuery, and NodeJS

Work Experience

Yelp logo

San Francisco - 02/2012 (Present)

Front-End Engineer

Developing features and UI components for Yelp's site and mobile web app, with a strong focus on Front-End performance to serve fast pages to 78 million unique visitors per month.

Also involved in recruiting by giving talks to events, interviewing candidates, and having Yelp host SFHTML5 events.

Sfeir logo

Paris - 2011 (6 months)

Web Developer Intern

Developed a set of HTML5, GWT, App Engine, and Android apps at the Innovation Department. We won a French Google Chrome HTML5 app contest with a web-based Music Player.

GIMNY logo

Paris - 2009 (6 months)

Startup Foundation

Co-founded a startup of entertainment websites. I was responsible for designing and developing the sites, using Zend Framework (PHP) for the Back-End and jQuery for the Front-End.

Developer Relations

HTML5 book

Author of a French Book about HTML5

Co-wrote a book about HTML5 which covers a wide range of features, such as: semantics, microdata, audio and video, canvas, web sockets, offline apps, etc. The foreword is by Paul Irish (Google Chrome).

Also wrote a guest chapter in another book about HTML5 and an article in Web Design Magazine.

Initializr logo

Initializr – Open Source Project

Initializr is my participation in the community to make the web a better place by accelerating the creation of new HTML5 projects. It became the official builder of HTML5 Boilerplate to offer custom builds. 25 000 downloads per month.

Technical Blogging

It comes naturally to me to explain technical topics clearly. People consider me a good teacher because I easily identify their level and adapt my explanation accordingly. I write articles about Front-End on and


Social Impact


Public Speaking

I gave talks at SFHTML5, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Google Developer Group in Paris, Sfeir'Plays, and several internal presentations at Yelp and Sfeir.

Education and Croissants

Epita logo

Paris - 2011

Master in Computer Science

Learned programming, data structures and algorithms, UNIX, web and mobile development, and much more (mostly coded in C, Java, and PHP).

Was also a student representative, won an Android contest with the University College of Dublin, and organized the Open Source Day.

French, American, and Spanish flags


  • Mother tongue: French
  • Read, written, and spoken English, TOEIC level: 920/990
  • Read, written, and spoken Spanish (studied 6 months in Spain)